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Create a Job Posting

Creating a new position on is fast and easy:

Sign into your account and click “Post a New Job”, and complete the following information:

  1. Job Title
  2. Job Location ZIP code
  3. Any gender requirements for the new job
  4. Any age requirements for the new job
  5. The minimum pay rate for the new job
  6. If this new job requires work around pets
  7. If this new job requires work around smoke
  8. If this new job requires the caregiver to provide transportation for the Care Recipient
  9. If this new position requires a clean driving record (for the last 5 years)
  10. If this new position requires a current background check
  11. Are there certifications needed for this position, such as CPR or RN certifications?
  12. What experience is needed for this position, such as experience with autism or alzheimer’s
  13. Specific tasks for this position, such as cooking or feeding assistance
  14. Work schedule
  15. Care location for this position
  16. Any language requirements for this position
  17. Any educational requirements

To respect your privacy, other users of the site will be able to see only your user name, zip code and posting-specific items. For your safety, we strongly discourage the sharing of personal information before you hire someone for a posting. See this handy PDF Guide for more information on creating a Job on

Saved Searches/Favorite Caregivers

Finding the caregivers to consistently fill a need can be difficult. That’s why allows you speed up the process by saving a caregiver search and re-run it at any time. Each time you create a new search, you can click “Save this search and give it a unique name, (something like “Respite care Afternoons” works well) and come back to it at any time. More information on searching for Caregivers can be found on this handy PDF guide.

We also know how important it is to find caregiver whom you know and trust, that’s why you can save a caregiver as a Favorite and keep their contact information close by at all times. When viewing a caregiver record, click “Favorite” at the bottom of the caregiver profile page and they’ll be added to your list of Favorites to review and contact without searching again. Find out more about marking a Caregiver as a Favorite by reading this PDF.

Search for Caregivers

  1. You can look for any caregivers or businesses near you by entering your zip code, selecting a radius around you, or you can use an advanced search to find caregivers based on specific needs such as experience, availability, and certifications.
  2. If a caregiver is found, you can click on an caregiver’s name to find out more about them and see their qualifications. If they seem to be a good fit for your posted job, you can add them as a favorite caregiver or message them and suggest they apply for your open job.

Contacting Caregivers 

Sometimes you need more information to make a good caregiver choice, or want to let a caregiver know you’re interested in hiring them at a later date.’s built-in messaging system allows you to easily contact caregivers and vendors anonymously, without fear of exposing any private information.

  1. To view your messages sent and received from caregivers and vendors, click on the Mailbox link contact a caregiver within, click on the “Mail” link in your Dashboard.
  2. If you want to reach out to businesses or vendors, can use the private mail system on to contact them as you would a caregiver, or contact them via the information on their listing.

Find out more about our private messaging system with this PDF guide.

Hiring a Caregiver For Your Job

When a caregiver applies to your posted job, you can hire them immediately. Under “Notifications” on your dashboard, you’ll see the caregivers who have applied to your posting. Once you’ve chosen a caregiver that fits best with your needs, you can mark them as a Favorite to keep track of them for later and hire them for your job.

After you’ve had a chance to work with your new employee, please take a moment to rate their level of care, from one star (marginal) to five stars (superb).

If you need to release the caregiver from your job and look for someone else, you can click on that caregiver in your Favorites and release them from your employment.


How to Register for

Signing up for is fast and ALWAYS free. Go to “Caregiver Signup” and fill out the following information:

First Name
Last Name
Acumen Fiscal Agent Affliation
Security Question for password recovery

 To respect your privacy, other users of the site will be able to see only your user name, zip code and job-specific items. For your safety, we strongly discourage the sharing of personal information before you are hired for a position. More information on registering for HireMyCare can be found on this PDF guide.

Complete Your Profile

Finding the right job is important, and your chances of getting that great job go up if people know your qualifications as a caregiver, which is why we’ve added over a dozen different experience and training items for you to talk about, including:

  1. Age
  2. Desired Pay Rate
  3. Driving Record
  4. Background Check Status
  5. Work Availablity
  6. CPR Certification and other certifications
  7. Language(s) spoken
  8. Experience with disabled care or child care

Filling out and completing your Caregiver profile is important, because the more a potential employer knows about you, the better the chances of you finding that great job that fits your schedule. We want you to find jobs that fit your schedule and keep you working with people you enjoying helping. if you have more questions, this PDF has more information about completing your profile.

Search for a Job

We’ve made it easy for you to find the work you’re looking for. At the upper left of your Caregiver Dashboard is a Basic Search box that lets you find the job opportunities near you. If you want to look for jobs that are a closer match to your qualifications or within a certain pay range, click “Advanced Search” and look for jobs that match up with what you’re looking for. Find out more about searching for a Job on HireMyCare with this PDF guide.

Saved Searches / Favorite Employers

If you find out that you’re consistently looking for the same kind of work, you can save a search and re-run it anytime you want. At the end of the search results page is a text box and a “Save” button that allows you to name a search so you’ll remember it (i.e. “Caregivers in Springfield”) and it will be added to the list of searches available on the “Saved Searches”.

If you’ve found an employer who matches well with you, or if a job looks interesting but you’re just not ready to apply for it right now, you can add the employer to your list of favorites by clicking “Add To Favorites” when you view them in the search results.  Learn more about tagging a Job as a Favorite with this PDF.

Apply for a Job

When you find a job you like, you can quickly apply for it by pressing the “Apply for this Job”. You’ll have a chance to talk more about yourself and why you’re a good fit for the job, and when you click “Apply”, the Care Seeker who posted the job will immediately be notified that you want to be hired. Find out more about applying for a Job on with this PDF guide.
Note: We do not recommend divulging personal details such as your name or contact information until you’re actually hired for a position.

Contacting Employers

Sometimes you want more information about a potential job before you’re hired. That’s why has a safe, confidential private email system built into the site to allow you contact potential employers without divulging your personal information. If you’re looking at a job, you can apply for a job and add any questions in the provided area. This PDF has more inofrmation about using’s private email system.

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