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We knew we were on to something special when we created, and we’re very pleased that hundreds and hundreds of you have signed up for the site in just a few short weeks.

We have a winner!And to make a great thing even greater, we sweetened the deal in our rollout states of Oklahoma, Georgia and Louisiana with a chance to win one of two weekly prizes of $25 or a grand prize of an new iPad Mini. All of us on the team would like to thank each and every one of our new members for signing up for our site, and we look forward to continuing to connect people who need in-home care with the people who provide it.  

$25 Visa Gift Card Winners
Jeannette – Marietta, GA
Alice – Gainesville, GA
Sherri – Cumming, GA
Oklahoma Community-Based Providers, Inc.
Professional Medical Fulfillment
Caring Touch Home Care Services
Bike Highway

Thanks again, and remember to fill out your profile and keep posting jobs!

– The Team

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