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Finding the right caregiver

A good checklist of items to look for in an in-home caregiver. 

Experience and Professionalism

Caregivers need to be experienced in the area of your need, and caregivers need to be professional in the way they conduct business and provide service. You don’t need a caregiver that you will need to motivate to work, to clean up after, or to worry about behavior in public. You don’t need a caregiver you can’t trust to do the job hired for. You do need a caregiver with experience in your area of need, one who is familiar with the job requirements, one can work without your supervision, and one who can anticipate needs.

Interview as Many as it Takes

If you interview independent providers (IP’s) to be your caregiver, don’t be afraid to interview several. The more you interview, the greater the chance you have of finding the one that best fits. Having the kind of caregiver that is able to function in the home comfortably, is vital for the client and equally vital for the comfort and ease of others living in the home.

Select a caregiver with care. Consider more than the cost; consider the age, the health, the interests, the personality, the experience, the certification, and the gender of the person you plan to hire as caregiver. It may take several interviews or a few caregiver trials to discover what you really need and want from a caregiver. But in the end, you will find someone who genuinely fits your situation and need. 

Read more about selecting a caregiver on Yahoo! Voices.

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